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NEW SITE: https://becha.unciv.nl/

About me:

* I'm a hacker, mother, Community Builder, activist, facilitator, trainer, feminist, artist.
* I am part of UnCivilization Community: UnCiv.nl (since 2013)
** I moderate UnCiv mailing list: read the archives and/or subscribe

* My visions:
** We must reverse harmful environmental impacts of the Internet with Urgency, De-Growth & Rebellion (June 2023)

** Towards Climate Justice in Tech: "Three Principles of Sustainable Tech Governance: Limitations, Reparations, Solidarity" (October 2022)

** RIPE Community Resilience: You Are Not Alone, series of 10 articles (March - September 2021)

** Technical is Political: Ethics in Tech, SHA2017 (2017)

** Commune/Collective Life as an Experiment at Lika Camp (2016)

** Nature is going to have a last word (2014)

** Hackers as tribes can save the world :)

** My article Hackers ethics for the world after collapse from 31st December 2013, for NatureBatsLast blog

** My 2012 publication: "Hackers and philosophers building an utopia together", 1 December 2012, in InternautCookBook by Xs4All

** Reading books is great, sharing them is even better: BookCrossing Shelf

* I work for RIPE NCC as a Community Builder
** (2011-2016) specifically "for Measurements and Tools"
** (2015-2019) I organise hackathons (collaborative coding workshops); I am increasing diversity & inclusion; and I give talks about Ethics in Technology
** (2020) ... with a focus on Sustainability and COVID-19
** 2021: focusing on community resilience & mental health
** 2022: Climate Justice in Tech: IAB workshop (December 2022) & Bits & Baume (October 2022) ** 2023: May, RIPE86 in Rotterdam: video of my talk about Environmental Impact of Internet: Urgency, De-Growth, Rebellion

* My LinkedIn Profile (CV)

* Twitter: @Ms_Multicolor
* Mastodon: @becha@v.st
* Email: BECHA @ UnCiv . NL

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